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Yes, HOME PAGE. Not Face-book, social media presence, or Next Big Thing. It's a home page.

[cue animated GIF of rotating construction sign]

So what do the cool kids use for self hosted blog these days?

Until I figure that out, here's some random stuff about me:

Yes, this formatting is crap. Yes, I'm a web developer. so what?


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Technical Stuff

Masters Thesis

In 2007/8 I completed a Master of Engineering degree, in Software Engineering. This investigated whether breaking web pages into fragments for the purpose of reducing server traffic was worth doing.

My Masters Thesis

Non Technical Stuff


Photo of Wife

The most awesome person in the world. Still don't really know why she married me.


I like to occasionally challenge myself by attempting something that seems impossible. Until the early 2000's I was pretty much a couch potato. In 2008ish I decided I was going to run a marathon.

I completed the 2008 Auckland Marathon in 5hr 59min. Walked a lot of the way and pretty much crawled over the finish line. I was a wreck for days, but I completed it!

Auckland 2008 Marathon Medal Auckland 2012 Marathon Medal

In 2012 I ran the Auckland Marathon in 4hr 55min. Not a fast time, but I was still running at the finish line and pretty much ok the next day.

Achievement Unlocked.

Now I have a time to beat for the next one : )


Black Guitar This is my baby. I love it.

me, standing